About us

Hairdresser "Black and White" operates within the same-named firm (limited liability company), located in Budva, whose founder and owner is a famous Budva’s master of hairstyles Black and White.

Hairdresser "Black and White" began with work in 2003 on The Square of Republic, No.1, in Budva, as a craft shop.

"Black and White" Ltd. Budva, starts with work in 2007, when another salon was opened, in the Mediteranska street 21, in Budva, and in 2011 Budva got its third "Black and White" salon in Prva proleterska street (The first proletarian), no. S – 54.

Miroslav Miki Simonovic finished hairstylist school in Niš, where he worked for a while. Also he had an expert training in Belgrade and Novi Sad, after which he turned to the European academies and institutions:

  • Completed Ethnos Academy in Milan.
  • Completed Hair Upgrading Academy in Rome.
  • Member of OMC (World Organization for Competition) and the Prestige Club.
  • For his work he has won numerous national and international awards, including the OMC's Award for improving the hairdressing profession.
  • The official hairstylist of music festival "Song of the Mediterranean".
  • He was the official hairdresser of the numerous fashion shows and "Fashion weeks”
  • He worked for a number of hair fashion magazines
  • He worked on hairstyles of many pop figures (Severina, Emina Jahović, Lepa Brena, Jelena Karleuša, Ana Sofrenović, Ana Nikolić, Ognjen Amidžić, Miki Perić, Romana Panić, Maja Nikolić, Nina Petković etc.).
  • He is a holder of OMC’s judge certificate for international competitions.
  • He was a jury member at numerous competitions of hairdressers on the Balkans, as well as world-class competitions (Chicago, Paris, Athens).
  • He is a frequent participant in seminars and fashion shows (Balkans, Bologna, Rome, Milan, Damstadt).
  • Several times he took part in TIGI workshops and Tim Hartley's seminars.
Thanks to many years of experience and following of European fashion scene, he has developed his own style that is based on British precision and Italian flexibility.
"Black & White" is the official distributor of Italian cosmetic company "Lisap" from Milan, with whom they have achieved many years of succesful cooperation.